Basement Finishing


Basement Renovations Edmonton

Make the most of underutilized space by finishing your basement. We transform below-ground-level spaces into inviting living, working, playing, or storage areas that add value to your home.
Basement finishing touch carpentry allows you to expand your home’s usable space affordably while increasing its resale value. We work with you to design basement layouts and choose finishes that align with how you wish to use the new space, from recreational rooms and home gyms to guest suites and family spaces.
Every basement and homeowner has unique needs, so we provide fully customized services tailored to your situation. We’ll start by thoroughly assessing your basement’s current condition and waterproofing or moisture control requirements. Then we’ll recommend framing, insulation, flooring, and other solutions specifically suited for basements, with the proper permits obtained before work begins. We handle all details from start to completion, maximizing natural light where possible and ensuring maximum durability and protection from environmental concerns.
Discover how we transform underutilized basements into thriving spaces. Make the most of your home by opening its lower level to a stylish and inviting living space where memories await.


To create separate living areas in basements, we install steel or wood framing, then drywall over it. We frame to your desired room layouts, then drywall and finish those spaces to match your vision for the space.

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As the premier basement remodeling company in Edmonton, we make sure to insulate basements thoroughly to improve temperature control and moisture resistance. Closed-cell spray foam is ideal for insulating below-grade walls since it expands to create an air seal, provides soundproofing, and helps control humidity. Enjoy comfort all year round in your room underground.


A basement subfloor is a layer of flooring built between the visible floor covering, like carpeting, vinyl, or tile, and above the bottom-most basement floor, usually concrete. While subfloors are not always necessary, they help build a stronger foundation for the flooring of your choice. The type of subfloor you’ll want to finish your basement depends on the amount of moisture that can enter the space and the height of your ceilings.
The team at SPS Renovations will assess your space and make recommendations based on the four most popular and durable subfloor options:


Sleeper System Subfloor

Two-by-fours covered with plywood is one of the most cost-effective subfloor options, but it isn’t a great option for lower ceilings.


Floating Plywood Subfloor

A floating floor is attached to the concrete below it. The weight of the flooring keeps this floor in place while allowing for the regular expansion of the wood.


Rigid Foam Subfloor

The foam provides an excellent thermal break between the concrete and flooring. The downside is that, like plywood, it does not allow air or water to flow underneath.


Specialty Premade Subfloor

While specialty subfloors have a higher cost, they are much faster and more efficient than traditional subfloor options. The various layers are fused into tiles or panels that easily snap together; it’s thin and allows for some air movement underneath.



To finish basement walls after framing, we install drywall, tape, and mud for smooth results, then apply an enamel paint for maximum protection. Our expert drywall installation and finishing provide a uniform surface for paint or other finishes.



We apply at least two coats of paint to basement walls and ceilings to protect this damp area. Enamel paint contains chemicals to prevent the growth of mold and mildew in high-humidity rooms. We also prime drywall thoroughly before painting for the best adherence and coverage, resulting in an attractive finish.



We install water-resistant flooring in basements to handle humidity and moisture control challenges. Tile, vinyl, laminate, and engineered wood are durable, low-maintenance, and well-suited options for basements. Our team will apply sealants to minimize water damage risks before flooring installation.
Ceramic tile and natural stone handle dampness best and provide a stylish surface for basement living areas. We install cement board, then tile with a flexible tile mortar designed for subfloor adhesion. Grout is sealed to prevent stains, protecting your investment for decades.
Vinyl plank, laminate, and engineered wood are popular, low-cost basement flooring options. These are designed to handle moisture or water contact without damage and return to their original shape. We fully seal subfloors before installing wood or laminate floors to minimize the risks of warping and future problems.

Finish Carpentry

For a finishing touch to your custom basement, we provide finished carpentry services like molding, built-ins, mantels, and cabinetry. Wood accents create warmth and visual appeal in basement spaces.



Unfinished basements are like blank canvases; they are empty spaces with unlimited potential. With a few additions, your current basement can become anything you can dream it to be. From adding closets to changing the flooring, we can turn the mundane into marvelous.