Finish Carpentry


The Art of Finish Carpentry

Custom finish carpentry breathes life into a space. Where standard construction supplies end, the woodworker’s craft begins. At SPS Renovations, we approach every custom finish carpentry project with the care and attention to detail your space deserves. Whether you’re looking for a refreshed look or merely want an artisan approach to those final details, we’re here to help raise the status of your home through various finish carpentry services.
Custom finishing carpentry elevates a space through the art of wood accent installation. While construction provides basic floors, walls, and roofs, finish carpentry transforms houses into homes. Wood accents and fixtures tailored to a homeowner’s style breathe life and warmth into any area. Moldings unite spaces; a custom mantle or staircase railing becomes the centerpiece of a room. With vision and skill, trim, accents, and details make rooms galleries that reflect the personalities of lives lived within.

Interior and Closet Doors

We install wood doors for interior doors and closets to match your space’s style. Our craftsmen choose and hang them with care. We paint or stain doors to match your style, then seal them to withstand whatever you throw at them. For closets, we install sliding doors that glide seamlessly along tracks or hinged traditional doors sturdy enough to last a lifetime.
No matter how simple or ornate your vision, SPS Renovations provides wood doors and installation beyond compare. Our passion for craftsmanship and sustainable design promises surroundings as stunning as the homes they grace.
Worker fixes the plastic molding to the ceiling.

Trim Installation

Trim sets a room’s tone, whether wide plank baseboards anchoring walls, casings framing windows and doors, or crowned molding embellishing ceilings. Trim unites spaces into galleries for the eye. In our hands, baseboards, door casings, wainscoting, chair rails, and crowns become sculptures in the museum of your home. Our baseboard installers miter trim with precision at corners making seams virtually impossible to see.


Storage and Shelving

Beyond boxes and bins, we envision storage as an art. Cabinets fitted flush or handcrafted shelving in bespoke designs. Bench seats hide storage below; a window seat invites repose and hides clutter. Open shelving displays collections alluring as gallery installations.

Whatever wood suits your space, we craft storage that endures. Built-ins transform unused space into practical mudrooms, media centers, or display areas. However hidden or shown, SPS storage solutions bring order into the rooms you call home.

Carpenter working on new kitchen cabinets

Cabinet Installations

Our cabinet installers install premium cabinetry to transform any space. Around appliances or freestanding cabinets make kitchens the heart of a home and storage an art form.

Wall and base cabinets come in styles to suit your needs. For sleek modern spaces, we install cabinets fitted flush; for traditional rooms, freestanding frames wood’s warmth. We carefully measure and level to make sure seams vanish, and hardware aligns.


Fireplace Accents & Mantels

No hearth is complete without accents hand-chosen to match your style. We provide wood mantels, surrounds, and details for cozy or grand fireplaces. We design accents to make fireplaces focal points, from the backdrop of conversations to mantels where stockings hang.

Discover how SPS Renovations designs fireplaces and the rooms that open around them. Our passion for craftsmanship and sustainable choices ensures surroundings as stunning as the unfolding events. See how we transform and elevate your space with each detail and design.


Every Detail Matters

At SPS Renovations, we understand that finish carpentry excellence lives in the details. Our installers approach each project with careful precision, patience, and an eye for even the smallest touches that complete a space.
We offer a variety of wood and composite materials for different styles. Hardwoods like oak and mahogany add traditional warmth, while maple provides a clean look for modern spaces. Reclaimed wood creates a rustic character. MDF and PVC are affordable and durable but lack the warmth of wood. Composites blend materials for performance and value but tend to have a more synthetic appearance. We select materials based on your priorities. Wood pairs well with MDF or PVC in non-focal areas, while composites like crushed stone and resin achieve stone’s allure at a lower price point. Our expertise helps minimize drawbacks and maximize benefits.
We work closely with homeowners to understand their needs and tailor accent installation specific to a room’s architecture and intended use or feeling. Because we believe a home’s surroundings should showcase quality suited to the memories to be made within, we focus on every placement of trim, molding accent, and fixture. No detail escapes us; none is too small to receive any less than our total care. The results speak for themselves in rooms as cohesive in finish as in function or feeling. That’s the finishing carpentry Edmonton needs—and the service you deserve.